Beginnings – Your Own Tarot Deck

Tarot Reading OnlineA long time ago, when I first became interested in Tarot reading, a friend told me that I should not buy my first tarot deck, but instead, they should be bought and given to me by a friend or practitioner.

Whilst this makes a nice anecdotal reference, I actually don’t really believe this to be necessary, as I feel, instead, that one should be drawn to a set or pack of tarot for whatever reason.

Therefore I would recommend spending lots of time researching which one you prefer, either because of the look, the colour, the symbolism or whatever else draws you in initially.

After all, you will most likely handle that first deck hundreds of times, or until such time as you move on to buy or obtain more packs, again, as you change and grow through reading experience and tarot card usage.

Morgan Greer Tarot ReadingMy personal favourite is not the one I started out with, here it is above – The Morgan Greer Tarot.


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