Tarot Readings Online Most Often Asked Questions

Tarot Readings Online
Tarot Readings Online most often asked questions and how the tarot can really predict the future.
The purpose of this Blog?

To gain an insight into the day to day or ( if I’m busy this will not happen I can assure you) week by week musings and goings on in my very busy life. Aside from my ramblings, I hope that you may find some aspects of the Blog useful in terms of ideas, reading lists, links and an insight into this fascinating subject.

First – some questions I am often asked, by those who express an interest in learning to read the cards:
1. Do you need to be a psychic, a medium and / or ‘gifted’ spiritually to read the tarot?
Not necessarily, but a passion and interest in this form of divination is vital, otherwise…what’s the point?

2. Why use the tarot?
This useful ‘tool’  will assist you and others day to day (if you require it) or at times in your life when you may need a little extra ‘help’ and guidance during testing times. It provides an excellent visual focus and the symbolism in each and every card is unique and can be interpreted in many different ways, dependant solely on ‘what you see’ in each card.

3. Do tarot readings really reveal the future?
Yes, tarot card readings really can show events that are likely to happen in the future – though of course we are all masters of our own destiny and it is up to the individual to choose one pathway…or another.

4. You have an online reading site – how does this work? Don’t you need to be face to face?
If you have had a face-to-face reading previously, you may wonder how an online reading could possibly be the same! I use the innovative ‘TarotFan’, which allows you to choose your own cards just as you would if you were sitting here with me. Remember this is your reading therefore when you choose the cards, that is your free will or destiny, the outcome of which I am able to interpret and then email directly to you.

Enough of the questions for one day.

Next posting , I want to start off by simply recommending some favourite tarot packs, some good books and some useful sites.

Above all,  if you would like to learn how to read the tarot, for others, for business purposes, or simply as a useful tool for yourself – you will need to practice on people – there will be no shortage of volunteers for this I can assure you.

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