Yule – Winter Solstice

Yule Tarot Reading

Yule is approaching. Baby it’s cold outside .. and don’t we know it !

It’s that time of year where we put on extra layers, light the fires ( turn the heating up ) and prepare for a long dark winter. And yet.. actually on December 21st, the shortest day and longest night, we begin to welcome in the return of the light as the wheel of the Year turns and the nights that were drawing in, actually begin to grow shorter and the daylight hours longer.

It is therefore a great time for a Tarot reading – a reading to perhaps look back at the past year and re-evaluate certain actions or decisions and decide where you are heading next.

Contact me anytime if you have any questions prior to choosing your reading, or if you are unsure as to how to structure your question in order to gain the maximum benefit from your interpretation.

You can email me on adele@tarotreadingsonline.co.uk

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