Questions, Questions, Questions..?

There is a reason you might ask for a Tarot Reading. Several reasons, actually.

Tarot Readings Online Celtic Cross

You can see a full example of a Celtic Cross Reading here:

New – Celtic Cross example

Firstly, you may have concerns over something which you feel may be out of your control and feel the ‘need to know’ how this will pan out.

Secondly, you are mildly curious, having never had a reading perhaps, what a Tarot reading can actually tell you.

And thirdly, you’re a regular Tarot user yourself and cannot ‘read’ your own cards, and need someone to tell YOU what’s going on in your world!

Whatever brings you to a Tarot Reader, or an online site, you will have a question, maybe several, and therein lies the rub.

Do too many questions cloud the reading. Answer – sometimes, yes. Here’s an example of a bad questioner:

‘ Will I marry Bill, should I travel to the Far East on a sabbatical, can I trust someone at work I’m having problems with and will I get promoted in the next year..?’

Now there’s an awful lot of content there to go at, so can the Tarot answer complex questions like this..?

Answer – probably yes, IF you choose a more in depth spread like the Celtic Cross Reading. Anything less than 10 cards would certainly be pushing it to answer all this, say for example, in a classic 3 Card Spread.

Therefore the spread you choose is as important as the questions you pose.

So do take a look at the site and you will see some great examples there of readings and see just how much detail you do get in my responses.

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