How To Begin Reading Tarot

So, you’ve been interested in Tarot for some time – you want to learn how to use and ‘read’ them, you’ve got your new pack…what now?

Well….have you read any books, have you looked at other tarot sites and more importantly, have you spent time handling your own pack?

First things first.

Even before you look at a book or browse the internet, spend a long time touching, shuffling and generally examining closely the pack you’ve chosen.

Until you get to know the symbolism and imagery contained within your own cards, there is little point in simply reading from a book in rote fashion.

Let’s, by way of an example, look at this card – The Fool – Numbered as Zero – 0


Take a good look at everything you can see. List them if needs be.

A youth with a stick over his shoulder, on which is a tied ‘handkerchief, holds a staff or walking stick, from which grows a white rose. There must be at least 20 things you could say about this card, so look closely. The Sun, the Sky, his clothing, the foreground, the background, his headwear, what is he doing?

What, for example is the dog doing  – jumping up and nipping at his Masters sleeve ( is it his Master , how do you know..?)  and why is the dog doing this? Do you see what I mean, do you see what I see? Chances are you’ll see exactly as I do and this is (in the beginning) an observational exercise.

But its more than that isn’t it? Because after some practice, you may see other things too, things that aren’t apparent.

Try this as an exercise to start with and gain as much information or ‘insight’ as you possibly can simply by examining your cards.

Slowly, slowly breath, empty your mind of other distractions – now –  what else can you ‘see’ or, what can you ‘feel’ as you look closer at this card. This my friend, is the beginnings of using your intuition and no book can teach  you this.

That said, you need the absolute basics in the beginning and books do help. More on that later.

But for now, looking closely at the Fool is an excellent card to start with – as this is his meaning.

New beginnings, new adventures, a crossroads, a fresh start, a journey with a sense of adventure and this my friend is the start of your journey as you adventure into the world of the Tarot – just as The Fool steps out to embark upon his!

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