Imbolc – Tarot and Signs of Growth

Today is 1st February and I have been celebrating the ‘festival’ of Imbolc.
One of the best ways to get in tune with the seasons is to get outside, if possible, and so I have spent some time walking out in the wood near my home.

After a day of snow yesterday, albeit a very small smattering where even my cat tentatively explored the crisp white phenomena, the big thaw revealed that actually, everywhere, there are signs of Spring.

Tarot Readings Online Imbolc
Imbolc has traditionally been a festival which centres around the hearth and home, and is a time to celebrate the lengthening days and the slow yet inevitable return of the sun. Here we see the early signs of spring as Mother Nature begins to show herself to us, if you look, you can see her everywhere.

Tarot Readings Online ImbolcCelebrations at this time include the lighting of hearthfires, candles or a bonfire. Fire and purification are an important part of the festival, as the lighting of candles and / or fires symbolises the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun as we move through the coming months.

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck

It is also a time for Divination, and reflection. It is a time to think about new possibilities, new beginnings and leaving any negative elements of the past behind. It is a time, obviously, to think about growth in any form, be it your own ‘self growth’ – or the growth of a business venture or idea taking shape. In matters of love you may wish to ask how a relationship may ‘grow’.

Now is the time to get that Tarot Reading and look to the future.
I offer 5 tarot readings any of which can be tailored to your individual requirements or questions.

*This beautiful Tarot deck is The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi.

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