Magic and Tarot

Last night’s full moon was a stunner.

A series of hot sunny days and clear skies at night meant the moon was easily visible in the night sky.

As a Pagan I always try to get myself outside at these times and lie out beneath the starry sky and ponder on life, the Universe and everything! Seriously, the full moon – or Sabbat – heralds a time for magic and reflection.

The moon is at its most powerful and potent and spellcraft is often used at this time to bring about desires and wishes and brings with it the energy of positive, creative action. So how does the tarot fit into this and why should we consider using the tarot at this time? Simply put, by using one of the tarot cards you can focus on a particular goal or attribute which you may need or wish for in the future.

Here’s an example.

A friend of mine had been having driving lessons and eventually the day came for her test. She felt well prepared, but sadly cometh the hour, she failed. Not deterred she went on to try a second time, and again failed. By now her confidence was definitely waning and so she asked me for some help via a spell. I waited until there was a night of the full moon and instantly I knew which card to pick for her to focus on – The Chariot.

I took the card of choice out into the moonlight and held it beneath the silvery beams of light and imbued the card with the power of the moons ebb and flow. I visualised her getting in her car, taking that test and passing!

On the day of her test, I set up a little altar and brought out the Card, lighting candles of red and green – red for positive action, energy, determination and focus; and green to symbolise growth and a positive conclusion of a goal. I brought her before the altar and showed her the card and asked her what she saw upon it.

She talked about the two horses, the strong male figure bolt upright on his chariot, we talked about how his chariot was decorated with swathes of blue cloth, his symbols of a Pentacle on his crown ( is he a King..?) and the crescent moons, along with the sun symbol firmly emblazoned on his chest.

I then went on to describe what The Chariot symbolises and instilled in her the real belief that this time she was in control, her hands firmly ‘on the reigns of the chariot’ and this time she would succeed.

The Charioteer represents control, determination, drive, ambition, power, inner strength and above all is often described as the ‘travel card’. We could not have picked a better card.

The happy ending to this story is that yes, she did pass her test next time.  Coincidence? Magic? Or simply the reward you get when you focus determinedly upon your goal!

So next time, when the moon is full and you have ‘wishes’ or desires, pick a card which matches best what you hope to achieve, then light those candles, focus on the card and ask away…..

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