Once In A Blue Moon

Friday 31st July heralds a Full Moon, and not only that, it is a ‘Blue Moon’.

By definition a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.  Our first full moon fell on Thursday 2nd.

I have written previously about the power of the full moon and how this corresponds to the tarot, but today, let’s simply look at what to expect with the occurrence of this rare Blue Moon.

Moon Giant has an interesting write up on the origin of the name ‘Blue Moon’, and the expression – ‘once in a Blue Moon’ means of course…something that doesn’t occur very often.

Tarot Blue Moon
The moon has always held a fascination with man. As our ancestors gazed skywards, this magnificent silvery sphere was what gave them a sense of time – and ultimately led to the formulation of our modern day calendars. It is believed that stone circles were built to align with both the sun and the moon’s passage across the sky. But does it affect us, when the moon is full?


There is no doubt that the gravitational pull of the moon affects our tides here on earth.

Some farmers believe that planting under a full moon will increase yield in crops. Is this true?

Well according to several research projects it may well do, owing to this gravitational pull of the tides and the water / soil absorption ratio.

As far back as the 17th century, the word lunatic or lunacy was attached to inmates of certain mental institutions and there was a real belief that during the times of the full moon, their conditions worsened. Is this true?

Actually no, there is no real scientific evidence that links the full moon to madness in any form.

However, some people experience difficulties sleeping during a full moon. Scientists claim that we have an internal biological clock hardwired into our genes which means we sleep less when the moon is full.We take longer to nod off, and when we finally do our sleep is lighter. This is known as the ‘caveman effect’. Read more on this here.



The moon is seen as a symbol of romance…why? Is the moon affecting our emotions and ability to fall in love during certain cycles of the moon? Again, no. Even though our bodies are made up of on average between 50 -75 per cent of water, would we be affected by the gravitational pull from this satellite? Highly unlikely.

But there is no doubt – the way the moon looks when full, its glorious shine and that sense of mystery that prevails when we see it, could lead us to feel more emotional perhaps during these times, but that is all.

So basically on Friday during this 2nd gravitational pull in one month, you have little to worry about.

Tarot Blue Moon


So get out there, look up, bask in it’s gloriousness… and beware of werewolves!

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