Autumn Ramblings on The Season of Change

Wheat Fields

Well, Summer seems to have truly gone and we are definitely into the realms of Autumn and all she has to offer.

Personally, I love this time of year.

Yes, it gets colder and yes the weather isn’t as ‘good’ ( note to all those living outside of the UK, this is a joke as we haven’t had much Summer sunshine either..), but basically everything just somehow seems more interesting as nature shifts her mantle from green to gold.

So basically the seasons and the wheel of the year are all about changes and how we handle those.

Tarot Change 3

Let’s look at some of the tarot cards then that often show change, herald great endings and beginnings and sometimes turn things on their head.

The first that springs to mind of course is The Tower. Such a great card, but frightening in its graphics and symbology. What can we see?

The Tower

The Tower represents tumultuous change – but change is inevitable in all our lives, just like the seasons. Let’s look at the card closely.

The dark skies and heavy clouds set the scene. Two people have fallen from the tower, (or did they jump..?) which is not only being lashed by a stormy sea of terrific proportions, is also on fire. Lightening bolts strike the tower at the top. Destruction seems impossible to escape. What could be worse..?

The key words here are tumult, inevitable change, Karma, upheaval, breakdown and yet also… release. The Tower represents those times of change that happen suddenly and without warning. They seem outside our influence and therefore, seem frightening…at first. We may feel temporarily afraid, shaken and insecure.

At such a time of great turmoil, we seek to understand how, what we thought was so ‘solid’ and steadfast, is no longer so. How could we have been so blind, so foolish, so naïve? Soul shaking experiences such as this, although difficult, are often necessary, for they literally force us out of the comfort zone or mediocrity of our present level of existence into something far more exciting and ultimately, satisfying, although at the time we cannot believe it ever will be.

Life’s constant changes will continue to bring ‘Tower experiences’, but they can also revolutionise our lives if we embrace these changes, accept the inevitable and move forward.

When you look at the meanings identified with this card it is not all doom and gloom, as it’s primary message is…things are about to change…whether you like it or not. So will you jump or wait to be pushed?

Later, we will look closely at the next card of change, that which we know as the Wheel of Fortune card….


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