Autumn Ramblings – Part II

I talked in my last post on autumnal changes and the wheel of the year and how sometimes, life throws a curve ball at us.

At these times we may be subjected to changes which seem out of our control.
This seems frightening sometimes, but as I said last time whilst analysing the Tower, sometimes change is good, especially if certain aspects of your life have been on ‘shaky ground’ for some time anyway!

Today I want to look at one of my favourite Major Arcana cards – The Wheel of Fortune or the ‘Destiny’ card as it is sometimes known.

Here we have the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. Let’s first look ( as I always suggest you do when reading for someone) very closely at what we can see on the card.

A wheel is being turned by an ‘unseen ‘ hand ( of God..?) from a cloud formation. The wheel appears to be on top of a cliff face or precipice, because as the wheel turns, some poor soul has toppled off it into the unknown depths below. Two others, a King  and a Queen (note the crowns on their head) sit atop of the wheel.

The King looks mildly happy and oblivious to the fate of the fallen person. He holds a golden chalice in his hand raised high in a toast. His wife, the Queen however, looks behind her, just about aware that the poor ‘fool’ has toppled and as she holds tightly to her dress, the toppled ‘man’ has his foot caught in her skirts. She looks over her shoulder and is aware that she might fall too…at any moment.

Another interpretation of The Wheel is show above, in the Mary El Tarot. Here ‘Destiny’ is shown as a woman, Fortuna and it is she who has the power to both give and take away. Here the wheel is within her womb, the Earth Mother who represents the whole of nature. She turns the wheel as she wishes, blindfolded, with no regard for us, being impartial to our happiness or our suffering.

So what does this mean when we have this card appear in a reading?

The Wheel of Fortune represents:

  • having reached a pivotal point in your life – new options are now becoming possible
  • taking the first step on a new and unfamiliar path
  • changes – a new beginning – a new cycle in your life
  • chance events or fateful encounters – all part of the ‘great plan’

The Wheel of Fortune symbolises the cycle of life, the wheel of fortune. Sometimes we are ‘up’ on top of the wheel and sometimes we are ‘down’…that’s life….! When we see this card it is a reminder that when you are ‘down’ – the only way is ‘up’. In other words – things can only get better…and they usually do…!

The issue of Fate versus Free Will is a difficult one – we are not at the mercy of Fate every step of the way – we are ‘fated’ at times, to have to deal with certain occurrences which require choice.

Whenever there is a choice, this is our free will and there is the chance for us to learn something valuable – either not to repeat our mistakes, or how to advance ourselves spiritually by becoming a better person perhaps.

When you draw The Wheel of Fortune it says – you are approaching one of those times in your life when Fate takes a hand in your affairs. Strange occurrences, fateful meetings – ‘You won’t believe what happened to me today..!’  type of encounters.

These events will, to some extent, seem out of your control, or they require no free will choices…they just happen…amazingly ! Once the dust has settled, you will find yourself entering a new phase in your life – new friends, new career, new love, new home…everything just seems – meant to be in some way.

This is your destiny….follow it…


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