The World – The Final Card In The Pack

Tarot – The World
The final card in the Major Arcana is number 21- The World and it is considered the best in the pack!

If we take a look at the extent of the symbolism shown here, it is far reaching and seems to encompass just about everything – and of course, interpretation of such depends largely on how you ‘see’ or read what is contained therein.

Here are 3 quite different decks with their depiction of The World:

Deviant Tarot
Deviant Tarot
Morgan Greer Deck
Morgan Greer Deck
Illuminati Tarot Deck
Illuminati Tarot Deck








Some underlying themes, or symbols are constant though. The lone female at the centre of the card; the ring of laurel leaves surrounding her, the four figures (usually a lion, a bull, a cherub and an eagle, although as you see, this is interpreted in different ways in each card) representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio.

She looks like she is skipping or dancing, in her hand 2 wands, staffs or batons. Red ribbons are tied ( usually) in the infinity symbol, although here the serpent is shown swallowing its own tail (a common symbol in many cultures) but again symbolising the same. Colours can be important too, and here of course we see 3 quite different interpretations of the swathe of cloth adorning our lady in the middle. So what does it all mean?

Tarot Cards - The World
The key words here are: attainment; goals; success; triumph; victory; reward; freedom; liberation and travel.

This is a card of culmination, of the fulfilment of a dream or long held goal. It is a card of winning , success and of rewards finally given after much toil, and yes, sometimes, hardship.
This fabulous card shows that you’ve finally made it – you’ve worked hard to get where you are, so now you can sit back and enjoy it !

Any unwanted ties and restrictions are now lifting and it’s time to take the next important step towards realising who we are … and where we want to go.

Because she sits literally ‘on top of the world’ – there is much joy and personal happiness contained here too. Likewise, because it is ‘The World’, overseas connections and travel could feature highly in your future, as you step out on the next exciting part of your journey of self discovery – the world truly is …your oyster now.

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