Tonight’s Full Moon – Harvest Moon


Tonight we have a Harvest Moon, naturally called – as this is the Full Moon closest to harvest time.
It seems appropriate that we look more closely today at the tarot card named – The Moon.

Morgan Greer Tarot
Morgan Greer Tarot

The Moon is one of my favourites but a highly complex card, here is a link to a previous post which goes into much depth on the symbolism of The Moon card in tarot card readings.

This month particularly, it’s interesting to look at the correlation between the moon itself and the harvest and gardening.
For some time there has been the suggestion that the lunar cycles can influence plant growth. This is called Biodynamics. Biodynamics is the study of physical motion or dynamics in living systems. It is a method of organic farming that incorporates certain astrological and spiritual principles and practices.

There are many fascinating articles on this – this one for example and another here on the Daily Mail gardening website. Both seem to advocate this as a possibility to improving growth. Biodynamics seems to be taken seriously and has been for some time, as this article shows.

I’ve never tried it myself but would certainly be interested to hear if it does work – or not!


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