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New Look Site

It’s taken a lot of thought and some time to get to this stage, but finally I have updated my site.
I first launched the tarot site in the year 2000, an auspicious year I thought, and since then, the site has only changed twice.

So, after several years of it being the same, a much needed revamp was needed, and I do hope you like the clean lines and the more contemporary feel to it.

The ‘old faithfuls’ are still there – The Celtic Cross, The 7 Card and the 3 Card Reading, but now I have two new readings for you to try: the Pentacle Spread – and the 6 Month Reading.

At some point in the future I will be offering a different service too, which links in with my love of all things witchy, and I will be offering a ‘do-it-yourself’ spell service, so watch this space!

3 Card Reading
In the meantime, I am offering throughout November and up to December 21st – a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Offer.
This offer is valid when you order a Celtic Cross reading. Once you have received your reading, I will give you a 3 Card Reading absolutely free.
A Celtic Cross Card Reading will show a concise Past, Present and Future interpretation for you, along with Subconscious and Conscious thoughts, Outside Influences and Obstacles – and is a highly detailed reading.

Click here to see an example of the free reading I can offer you or go to the home page and choose ‘Celtic Cross Reading’.

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