The Minor Arcana – The Suit of Wands

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The suit of Wands are representative of growth, inspiration. determination, strength and creativity. The speak to us of the spiritual level of our consciousness and to the very core of your being…about what is important – to you!
Wands are about ideas, growth, expansion – tiny seeds sprouting forth which will one day become might oaks of ambition.
When we interpret Wand cards, its important to look closely at what is being depicted, as this will go a long way to explaining what is happening around you or inside your very being on a subconscious level.
Let’s look for example, at the three cards above.

.tarot reading online three-of-wands-gilded-tarot
The Three of Wands
shows a richly dressed individual looking out to sea or from a river bank. A sailing ship floats silently by . Dark clouds in the distance are being swept away by gently breezes,  bringing clearer skies ahead. He holds within one hand a staff (Wand) which is again richly decorated and beautifully carved.

Two more lie behind him. Has he seen them? Does he know they are there? Or, more likely he has ‘banked’ these two firmly on the ground, whilst the other holds the promise of more to come perhaps?

This then is card of expansion, growth, the promise of more. You have come so far and you have done well. It is also a card of adventure as the merchant looks longingly out to sea and waits to board his ship for other shores.

This card is telling you therefore – it’s a big wide world out there, what are you waiting for..?

tarot reading online ace-of-wands-tarot
The Ace of Wands
, on the other hand, is more of an ideas card. The beginnings of something great,  but you cant quite see what that might be. Wands are thoughts, ideas, concepts which require a creative aspect. The cloud depicted here is the thought, the first ideas or concepts of something. A grand castle lies in the distance ( denoting security), shiny and white. Green hills and a river beneath it – this is fertile land. The hand ( the real physical world of getting things done) extends towards you. The staff  has small but green shoots already growing from its branch.

If you nurture this it will grow, in other words, here, I give you the beginnings of something mighty, but it will take time and effort on your part to make something of this. This is a positive and uplifting card urging you forwards.

tarot reading online -tarot 8-of-wands
The Eight of Wands
on the other hand shows things moving swiftly here. Arrows in flight! Again we can see green and pleasant pastures, water (denoting the emotions) and everything looks so lush and green! From the Eight wands, tiny buds are sprouting, suggesting the promise of growth to come. Here, as the arrows (or Wands) take flight, we can see links to communication, ideas, messages and a swift solution to our problems.
This is a positive card repressing good news received swiftly and directly, hitting its mark like the arrow towards a bulls eye.

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