The Three Card Tarot Reading – What To Expect

Tarot Readings Online Three Card Reading

There are a myriad of tarot card readings offered on the internet today. If you’re not very familiar with them all, and you are wanting an online reading yourself, possibly for the first time, you may need some advice on which one to choose.

On the site I offer 5 readings currently and you can see examples of them all here.

If this IS your first reading, The Three Card Reading is a perfectly good place to start.

The classic 3 Card Reading layout uses 3 cards….obviously 🙂

The 3 Card Reading allows you to explore one important issue and offers a quick, simplified response to any given question, whilst still revealing vital past, present and future events. This is a good reading for those who may be ‘nervous’ about having a tarot card treading and want to simply try one out first, as it is short, succinct and precise.

Let’s look at the interpretation of the top 3 Cards

Left to right:
The Nine of Wands, Strength and The Sun.

Here it would seem that Past Circumstances have very much shaped the current situation, in as much as, there have been many personal challenges which have been overcome by the strength of will and determination of the querent here.  The constant need to defend oneself is highlighted in this past situation. Do you find yourself often having to explain yourself to others, do you feel up against it at times? No matter what life throws at you though, you will always bounce back and are made of stronger stuff than most ( and sometimes even you..?) realise.

Current Circumstances show that maybe it’s time to ease off a little and relax. Try not to force things and adopt a more ‘amenable’ approach. You can gain more by gentle persuasion is the message here. The woman has calmed the savage beast through her gentle approach, compassion and understanding. However, it’s a fine line between this and being a doormat too, in other words, you need to let others ‘see’ your inner strength but not necessarily use it…not yet.

Future Prospects look very rosy indeed! The Sun is a terrific omen of good fortune, happiness and success. It highlights family issues and speaks of a close and loving time approaching in this respect. Moreover, this card answers YES to any specific question you have asked and is a positive indication of good times approaching after a challenging period. Feel the warmth of the sun on your back and rejoice. Good times are here at last – enjoy them.

Tarot Readings Online - 3 Card Tarot Reading
Three Card Tarot Reading – Mary El Tarot

Now take a look yourself at the bottom 3 Card layout – what imagery stands out for you? What messages can you see within these tarot cards? How do they speak to you?
If you are learning to read the tarot cards yourself, much can be gained by this simple observational exercise, even before you resort to learning the meanings from a good tarot book.

When you first learn to read the cards, a simple card of the day is good practice. But moving on, I would always recommend you start with this spread and as you grow in confidence and ability – you will be ready to move on to the next – the 6 Month Life Cycle Spread.

More on that later….

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