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We are a couple of weeks into the New Year now and it is not too late to obtain a tarot reading for some guidance throughout 2017 and here I’m going to focus in on my new tarot reading – The Pentacle Reading.

My Pentacle Reading is perfect for focusing in on your goals and objectives for the coming year.
You can see an example of this tarot card reading here, and all my tarot readings have PDF examples on their page, so you really can see what you get…exactly!

Here though, with the Pentacle Tarot Reading, as I say, the emphasis is on defining your goals, examining the outside influences and what you might need to focus in on to bring these about.

From this sample reading I can see that the Querent ( the questioner, which is named as Rebirth here in the DruidCraft Tarot deck but is the Judgement card in a traditional tarot deck) is undergoing a period of self analysis or rebirth. They are changing, transforming themselves and after a period of perhaps literally ‘going round in circles’ – feel they have finally learnt something valuable which can help them to attain their goals this year.

Their Goals are contained within The Seven of Pentacles tarot card, which we see at right angles to the Querent, and here we can see their main desire is to continue to work hard towards their ambition. Here, the emphasis is on pausing for a moment, reflecting on how far they’ve come, and realising how much further there is to go. But the main message here is to sit tight, just for a little while, and consider if everything is still on track. Even though they have come a long way, it is perhaps time to have a mini break, but just to recharge their batteries, as there is more work to be done!

This person’s Influence card is just perfect. Here we see the Two of Cups suggesting  a strong bond between two people who love and admire each other. This mutual support and love will carry the Querent through the year, no matter what. A happy and loving card which indicates that loved ones wholly support their endeavours.

Concerns and Considerations link to feelings of isolation at times, or of others thinking that ‘they have it all’, when in fact, they don’t. The Nine of Pentacles is another card linked to money/finance/business aspects, so it’s clear from this spread that their money needs to be their primary concern throughout the coming year. The Nine of Pentacles shows that they are close to reaching your goal but they are not quite there yet. Don’t give up, if sacrifices are needed, so be it – they will need discipline and self-control to ensure that they get to where they want to be.

Their Future focus now needs to be on again, improving themselves. But not just inwardly as the first card suggests, but also outwardly, as in gaining a valuable educational experience or learning a new skill to advance some aspect of their career and / or business. The Eight of Pentacles is about learning, diplomas, education and apprenticeships, so at times, this person may still feel like a novice, or a beginner. This is about honing your skills and perfecting your craft, or even re-training in some area which will ultimately lead to great success and yes…financial reward too with all these Pentacles!

The Final Outcome tarot card is one of success and happiness, a goal accomplished, a vison realised. What a wonderfully joyous card The Four of Cups is. The emphasis with this card is on the home, the countryside, the family and most importantly…achievement! If ever there was a card that said, yes, this is going to be a good year for you all round, this is it.

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*The deck used here is The DruidCraft Tarot Deck.

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