Free Tarot Card Readings

This month, and throughout March, I am offering a free 3 card tarot reading to anyone who buys a 7 Card Reading.

The  7 Card Reading uses 7 tarot cards.

The 7 Card  Reading is ideal for those who are looking for a more simplified reading than The Celtic Cross reading, but with a lot more depth than say, the 6 Month Life Cycle Reading.

However, it is also useful to seasoned tarot users who want a quick and straight forward answer to a question involving either the major aspects of their life or the more deeper aspects of their own spirituality. A good ‘all rounder’.

Priced at only £25.00 ( GBP) this is exceptionally good value.

To see an example of both this reading, and the Free 3 Card Reading you will receive, please go to the Readings Page of the site.

Once you have paid for your 7 Card Reading, I will confirm receipt and notify you on how to obtain your Free Reading.

I recommend that you hold off from taking your Free Reading for at least 8 weeks, in order to give time for your initial reading to start to show it’s affects and influences.  This secondary reading can act as a follow up to your initial reading, if we give it time to ‘mature’.

However, should you wish to utilise your Free Reading before this time, please discuss your questions with me beforehand in order to get the most benefit out of the tarot’s advice.

As always, should you have any questions prior to choosing your cards, or if you would like a different reading that is not within this offer, do not hesitate to contact me via the site on

Meanwhile, do take a look around the site on the Readings pages as there are examples on each page of all the readings offered currently.

*Tarot Decks are : Top – The DruidCraft Tarot, Bottom – The Illuminati Tarot

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