Ten of Wands – Card of The Day

Todays Tarot Card of The Day is The Ten of Wands.

The Ten of Wands tarot card never looks very appealing, and rightly so. It is a card of ‘responsibilities overload’ and taking on too much to the detriment of your ‘higher self’.
Lets look closer at this intriguing card of the day.

Key words here are weight, responsibilities, struggles, strife, labouring, toil, burden.
A man carries a bundle of ten staves on his back. He is returning home to his family after a hard day’s work. He has responsibilities and he knows it. He is depicted as holding the ten staves in front of him, signifying that he cannot possibly see where he is going.

Other times he is depicted as having them strapped to his back, almost bent double with the weight of it. Either way this is a card of burden, of toil and of struggle. The Ten is a challenging card reflecting the day to day challenges and toil we all encounter. Sometimes though, that weight, that burden seems so much that we become bogged down with it. Life seams like a meaningless cycle of responsibility and hard work. This represents the ‘all work and no play’ scenario, suggesting that we all need some down time and this person has forgotten this important life/work balance.

Ostensibly, there is no balance here – just too much work.
This then is a time of re-evaluation and /or reflection, especially if you are constantly pushing yourself too hard or are too narrowly focused in one area.

Today’s Message when we see the Ten of Wands is this : 

Perhaps today you have had too much to do – you have to assume the lion’s share of responsibility in some area – like being totally responsible in a working situation or feeling responsible for your family (or both) and at times this feels like a huge weight.

It seems therefore, like it is time for a change and time to release yourself from all this pressure. It might be good therefore to reflect on ways in which you can start to offload some of these responsibilities and worries and balance your life with other interests and remember you have a life too so start to live it again.

In love terms, you may want to rethink what seems to be an impossible situation romance – wise. Again, is it time perhaps to let go of something, or some one that is dragging you down?

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*Todays Tarot Deck is The Illuminati Tarot

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