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I have been running the site for 17 years now and throughout that time I have always kept one eye on what’s going on in the tarot community. There are lots of excellent blogs out there which can help you if you’ve decided you’d like to learn to read the tarot yourself. There are also a myriad of tarot readers who provide tarot card reading by email, as do I.

Personally Speaking
One thing I did notice recently, is that I have hardly ever posted anything personal, about me, how I work and live and how I do a tarot card reading by email. So let’s rectify that immediately.

 Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email
My About Me section of the page will fill you in, so to speak, on my background. But let me try to paint a picture of my average day. I wake up surrounded by nature as I’m very lucky to live in the countryside.

Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email
I start the day ( usually) with a walk to clear the mind. I’m lucky in that I live very close to some beautiful woodland and it’s here I feel the most at ease and this sets me up for the day ahead. Being in tune with nature, and particularly the trees, is important to me – both as a tarot card reader and as a follower of the pagan path.

Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email
My Space
I have a particular place in my home, where I start the day by opening emails and replying to clients and friends. I don’t have an ‘office’ at home, but I do have a designated place which is my space in the dining room. Here I have plants, flowers and candles are always lit, and often incense too.

Tarot Card of the Day
My first job each day is to post the Card of the Day to all social media platforms. You can keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All these are visible on the home page.

 Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email
Your Reading
When starting my tarot readings I like to make sure I have no distractions. When I receive your chosen tarot cards via email which, incidentally, you have picked online yourself, I focus in on the cards which have been sent. I get an immediate feel for the reading in terms of your question and know straight away if you will receive a positive response to your chosen question.

Magickal Tools
Next, I like to do a ‘mock up’ of your  cards, as if you were in front of me. By laying them out on a special rug, and using different ‘props’ or magical ‘tools’, I’m assisted in getting the right vibrations.
I use crystals, antlers ( shed naturally) specific candle colours and often throw runes or ogham sticks too, to add to the readings interpretation. I feel this is important as it can add another dimension to the tarot reading.
Even though I go back to the computer to write this up, I always make jottings of my initial intuitive thoughts and reactions to your cards straight away.

Working Remotely
…does work! People often say ‘how can a tarot card reading by email really work’. Well, the answer is that because you have picked your own cards, ( unlike some other sites)  it’s easy to tune in to your cards and interpret their ( sometimes hidden ) meanings. I can get a ‘sense’ of you and who your are, what you’re aspirations, hopes and ideals are.
I can also pick up on your concerns and insecurities and see those around you who may influence your question in the near future.

Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email
Working From Home
Working from home always has its advantages, and I have a little helper too…
Morgaine is a great comfort and an affectionate companion. She often accompanies me on walks in the wood. So with that in mind, I think it might be time to do just that.

Tarot Readings Online - Tarot card reading by email

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.




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