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Tarot Readings Online - Free Tarot Card Readings

Free Tarot Card Readings |
Lots of tarot reading sites offer free tarot card readings. Mostly these are computer generated on websites. Usually you pick a set of cards and then your interpretation is laid in front of you in a ‘generic’ sort of way. I have tried these myself, many times – because I’m curious to see if they really do give a good , detailed interpretation of the card I’ve picked, and to see how much information is given.

I say this, because here at Tarot Readings Online, I offer a free tarot reading every month to one lucky winner from my prize draw. The tarot reading you will receive is the Three Card Reading, and an example can be seen on this page.

Example of A Free Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Readings Online - Free Tarot Card Readings

You can see that it is very detailed indeed and you will receive lots of information about your chosen cards. Key words and phrases are discussed and summarised. At the end of the reading I will write a summary of your tarot cards and this will (hopefully) provide the answer you are looking for.

Tarot Readings Online - Free Tarot Readings

So do please enter into the Prize Draw facility, it is free to enter, there are no catches and…next month’s lucky winner could be you.

Click here to enter now.

*Credit: DruidCraft Tarot / Thoth Tarot

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