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I was most fortunate to take part in a ritual to mark the coming of summer – in a Beltane ceremony at the Rollright Stone circle on both the borders of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. The ceremony was conducted by The Cotswold Order of Druids.

These ancient stones have marked the seasons for millennia and are believed to be from the Neolithic and Megalithic periods. There is a complex of 3 separate monuments – the Kings Men, the Whispering Knights and the King Stone.

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Its a terrific place to get yourself back in tune with nature and the stones themselves exude a certain power and energy all their own. Many Pagan communities and groups come here at special times of the year, but it’s fully open to the public and lots of people come here daily (and nightly).

Tarot Readings Blog - Rollright Stone Circle
After the Beltane ritual and celebrations ( which incidentally was an ‘Open Ceremony’ open to the public to join if they wished), I took some time to walk around on my own to look at all the wonderful trees, shrubs and natural flowers growing around the area. Hawthorn ( also known as May Blossom) seemed to be abundant here and it looks fantastic at this time of year with its delicate white flowers.

Tarot Readings Blog - Rollright Stones
People have left offerings or wishes in some of the trees and as it was Beltane, a time of abundance, fruitfulness and the emergence of summer, it seemed more than appropriate to tie a wish ribbon to the Hawthorn and give thanks for the start of the summer.

Tarot Readings Blog - Rollright Stones
And what a day we had, the sun shone, so much so I resorted to sunglasses ( cool and Pagan – no problem)

Tarot Readings Blog - Rollright Stone Circle
Wishing you all a very ( belated ) Happy Beltane and here’s to the summer ahead!
You can find out more about the Rollright Stone Circle here.
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