Tattoos, Tarot And Poetry

Tattoo and Tarot
Recently I was asked to take part in an artistic collaboration between tattoo artists and my favourite tattoo blogger, Beccy Rimmer from Inkluded Blog.

If you’ve not taken a look at her amazing blog then you should.

Of course I’m biased, as Beccy is my daughter and I’m immensely proud of her and her dedication to the tattoo community, in her role as a top notch blogger.

Tattoos and Tarot
The Tower tattoo – David Ekstrom

Many people choose to have tattoos of tarot cards that are important to them in some profound way. It is fascinating to see the connection between the mystical world of tarot and its symbolism – and the desire to cement this personal connection for all time, by having it tattooed on your body.

Stephanie Houldsworth – Instagram

Beccy has had many artistic collaborations ( including featuring tattoo artists art work in a prestigious art gallery some years ago) but her latest creative venture, a limited edition zine, featured tattoos of tarot cards which had been used as a focus for poetry.

Tattoos and Tarot
Front Cover by Tattooist Kat Winifred

Sounds interesting..?

Well it is and of course as a tarot reader, I loved this idea!

As a tarot reader it’s vital that the tarot speaks to you when you handle them, either for private use or professionally as I do. It seems the most natural thing in the world to look deeply into the symbolism contained within each card, and to hear it speak to you.

But, back to poetry.

Tattoos and Tarot
Here is the zine ( now, sadly, already sold out ) as a limited edition, with all monies going to the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund), and here is my own contribution.

My poem was based upon one of my favourite tarot cards – The Empress – here depicted as the Green Woman in The Wildwood Tarot deck.

Next time you are handling your own set of tarot cards, try a little intuitive word association and see if you can put those words and thoughts into prose.

Look upon it as an exercise to push your intuitive processes even deeper – and furthermore it’s fun.

Tattoos and Tarot
Go write!

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