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As one of the suits of the tarot Minor Arcana, Pentacles represent money, primarily.

Tarot Minor Arcana PentaclesHowever, it’s not all about the money here. Pentacles also highlight all the earthly, physical and material aspects of life –  so, career, business, property, and material possessions. Here on this beautiful Ten of Pentacles card ( by The DruidCraft Tarot) we can see the patriarch (Grandfather) surrounded by family and possessions.
‘Grandad’ can rest on his laurels somewhat, he has made it and now commands the respect of his youngers ( and his dog !). Meanwhile his son looks on and his wife continues to accumulate and show off their wealth. The child is not yet fully aware of this material world but knows her place and is secure and happy. Here the emphasis is on family and of family values. It is one of setting down roots and of feeling secure.

Tarot Minor Arcana Pentacles
But this suit also has its magnanimous side too. It’s not just about how much wealth or ‘stuff’ you have acquired, on a deeper spiritual level it’s also about what you give back too. Nowhere can this be seen better than in  the Six of Pentacles, here depicted in The Witches Tarot deck.

Here we see a wealthy merchant or business man. He has fine robes and he has a happy and carefree expression. He shares his wealth with those less fortunate, as we see him trickle down coins into the palms of waiting children, who also smile graciously. He has done well in life and accepts that it is good to help others in times of need. When this card appears it asks you to think about ways in which you could help others or, indeed if needs be, how others might be able to assist you.

Tarot Minor Arcana PentaclesOther positive aspects of the suit of Pentacles include manifestation, skill, hard work, learning, advancement and the setting of goals. Here on the Eight of Stones ( Pentacles ) in the Wildwood Tarot deck we see an elderly man ( although often he is depicted as a young ‘apprentice’). The man has skills and experience and the objects he has produced are of value and beauty.

He is respected as a craftsman, but he may not know everything, and therefore this card often represents the desire to do better, learn more, finely hone your skills, or even, learn a new one.

Ultimately though, the appearance of this card in a reading suggests that you will go far and be successful if you continue to work hard and advance yourself through learning.

Tarot Minor Arcana PentaclesAnother important aspect of Pentacles in a reading is that of accomplishment and achievement. It can represent supreme self confidence and self sufficiency. On the Nine of Pentacles shown here with the Morgan Greer tarot, we see a beautiful and successful woman. She wears a huge necklace or garland of Pentacles about her neck. She appears often in a beautiful garden holding a bird of prey, signalling strength and control. Vines of abundant grapes hang from her garden and she can pick them at leisure.

This card symbolises a strong willed independent woman of substance. She is in control of her own destiny and in charge of her life. She answers to no one, and she likes it that way! She appears ( to others) to ‘have it all’…but has she?
The spiritual message here is often one of also realising that perhaps you have become a little too materialistic and are in danger of losing aspects of your spirituality. You may begin to realise that ‘something’ is missing from your life and often that is companionship or love.

All in all, we can learn much from the tarot suit of Pentacles.

Mostly we must remember that there are lean times and profitable times and we must ride each of these aspects out, as the fates deal us our cards.

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