Do Tarot Cards Really Predict The Future?

Tarot Predicts Future
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I came across a news article today which got me thinking – do tarot cards really predict the future?
Isn’t that the whole point of asking for a reading?
Why else do we consult a tarot reader if not to ask such searching questions as… ‘does he love me, will we marry, will I get that dream job, will I ever meet my soulmate, will my finances improve this year, will I move house, should I start a new business…?’

Tarot Cards Predict FutureThe list of questions one could ask is endless. And maybe that’s the point. Questions, questions, questions. When, how, what if?
So can we ever really be ‘accurate’ when answering a question such as ‘will this relationship end in marriage’?
Isn’t the Querent ( the questioner) demanding  a yes / no answer, and then in itself, isn’t that a prediction of the future?
7 Card Tarot ReadingThe writer of this article (who is also a novelist, journalist and someone, by her own admission, fairly new to Tarot reading) suggested that the tarot,  …offers a gateway to a broader, gentler and more spiritual perspective. Like religion, it insists upon the existence of a wisdom beyond our limited human comprehension – and by doing that, it offers us hope.’
I do agree wholeheartedly with this statement and in fact on my Frequently Asked Questions page, also offer up some similar statements.

On the other hand though she states :

‘Tarot reading isn’t about telling the future, it’s about connecting with the present…’

She finishes by saying:

‘No, the tarot cannot tell the future – but, yes, it will pick up on the myriad influences surrounding you at the time of a reading and suggest to you, with some accuracy, where things may be headed.

So is that all that we really want – hope, enlightenment, spiritual connections and wisdom beyond our own understanding…of the present and where we may be heading?

Yes – and no.

I believe that what we really want is a succinct and honest yes / no answer, most of the time, with some ‘infill’ into how, when and what else we might need to know….about our future.

Tarot Cards Predict FutureSo going back to my own page and my own personal tarot reading experience.
I have been reading cards for over 35 years. In all that time, I have been asked all sorts of questions, and yes, most are pertaining to love issues.

Here’s an anecdote for you.

In the 80s I travelled extensively and during that time met all manner of fascinating people to read for. One friend asked me quite specifically if her long term relationship would end in marriage. I knew both these people, well, very well, but he was away from her at the time, travelling elsewhere.
She was certain her relationship was strong and faultless and so was I, and she had been waiting for him to ‘pop the question’ – until she pulled her chosen cards to reveal deception, intrigue and, sadly, endings of a long term relationship ( The Sun reversed).

I would never have knowingly told her this just for the sake of it. She was happy, why should I rain on her parade. And yet – there it was, in all its hideous glory.

That night, I did answer her in all honesty, I always read truthfully but tactfully when ‘bad news’  is forthcoming ( let’s be honest life isn’t all hearts and flowers as we know).
I did say to her that she could possibly change the outcome by some positive action herself but that she should perhaps, also prepare herself to look at the possibility of life without him.

In truth, I didn’t really believe what I told her at that exact point (about changing her destiny) as I ‘saw’ it coming to an end…and lo, within a month, it had. He had met someone else and no matter how she tried, it didn’t come good in the end and she lost him. I felt awful about this as she was a good friend and there’s no pleasure in being the harbinger of doom!

Tarot Cards Predict FutureBut it also poses the bigger question on Fate and Destiny in terms of if you do change course, or do make some positive steps towards changing things… does it…change things I mean? Will it, for example, simply cause you to go round and round until the Wheel of Fortune and / or Judgement declares enough is enough and it’s time for a different path?

But back to the story – within a few months she came back to me for another reading and at the time told me no ‘new information’ simply asking for a general reading. Oh happy days, for here was love, again in her life and bigger and better than before.

This relationship lasted many years and brought with it travel, marriage and a fantastic son, but that’s another story, for another time perhaps.

Tarot Cards Predict FutureSo, friends, was that a prediction of her future?

I do believe it was, personally, as bad as it seemed at the time, she did get over it ( we’ve all been there right?) and there was happiness ahead in the form of another love, which took her down a different pathway in life.

I have also been reading long enough to have seen my clients and friends ‘predictions’ come to fruition. I also have a great deal of repeat clients ( and yes…friends) who I read for regularly who tell me – yes – the tarot was right and it did happen as you said it would.

What do you think ?
Do tarot cards really predict the future?
Have you had experience of such and what is your opinion.
Why do you get a tarot card reading?
What are you hoping to get out of it?

If you haven’t had one, well, you know where I am.

To read the full article from Daisy Waugh click below:

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