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When you look to obtain a tarot reading, you may have a question ( or two) in mind.
But that’s the easy part – the more challenging part could be…‘which tarot reading will answer my question(s) best?’

In truth, there are a myriad of spreads to choose from, and if you’ve never had a tarot card reading before with a professional tarot reader, you may be totally unsure as to which is best.

Briefly then ( and you can find all this information in more depth on my Readings page) here’s a run down of some of the most popular – and the ones I offer here at Tarot Readings Online.
Tarot Spreads
The 3 Card Reading allows you to explore one important issue and offers a quick, simplified response to any given question, whilst still revealing vital past, present and future events. This is a good reading for those who may be ‘nervous’ about having a tarot treading and want to simply try one out first, as it is short, sharp and precise.

Tarot spreadsThe  6 Month Life Cycle Reading uses 4 cards.

The 6 Month Life Circle Spread offers a snapshot of events over the next 6 month period and offers a more motivational aspect to your reading to keep you on track.

We explore your immediate environment (or quite simply put …what is happening now) and how exterior influences may affect you over the period in question and this reading gives a snapshot in time to 3 to 6 months hence.

Your future motivational card does just that, offers an insight into how best to keep on track for the next 6 month period. This type of reading is great for short term goals or plans, career questions or areas which you are seeking to expand upon in the next half year.

Tarot Spreads
The Pentacle Spread is a new tarot reading I am offering using 6 cards which shows your current position in relation to your query, followed by your goals, the influences surrounding the question, as well as things which need to be taken into consideration.

Your ultimate ‘answer’ will be contained within the two final cards of future focus ( to assist you in mastering the situation your self), and the subsequent possible outcome. This spread puts destiny firmly in your own hands and allows you to work through solutions yourself in order to attain your goal or ‘wish’. An excellent reading for the more spiritually in tune I feel.

The 7 Card Reading is ideal for those who are newcomers to tarot and wish to try out one question, but with a little more depth than the 3 Card Reading.
However, it is also useful to seasoned tarot users who want a quick and straight forward answer to a question involving either the major aspects of their life or the more deeper aspects of their own spirituality. A good ‘all rounder’.

Tarot Spreads
Without doubt, the Celtic Cross Reading however, offers the greatest depth to any one issue or several related questions, as it deals not only with past, present and future trends but also, important aspects such as outside influences, possible obstacles, your conscious (hopes) and your subconscious mind (fears).

This ten card tarot spread usually evolves over a longer period of time, say, 12 months or even longer, so it is useful for a long term query or general ‘life-time’ situation which needs examining more closely.

I hope this offers you some worthwhile advice on which reading to choose, and believe me, there are many more tarot spreads ‘out there’.

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Tarot decks used here are (top to bottom):

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
Morgan Greer Tarot
Wildwood Tarot
The Illuminati Tarot

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