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Welcome To My Tarot Blog| What do we mean when we talk about a ‘Court Card’?
Well, simply put, they are people cards.

Tarot Court Cards
Sometimes they can be easy to read within a reading, especially , say, where the querent has asked specifically about a relationship with someone. In this case, you’d expect that at least one Court card would show up. When they do, they offer a very detailed description of their personality traits ( good and bad) and therefore can give the querent an insight into the type of man they are dealing with.

So, let’s, by way of an example look at a handsome Kingly type.
The DruidCraft Tarot deck displays our King of Wands seated on his throne. He holds his staff in his hand, and his shield is resting beside him.

The key words we use to describe this man are:
athletic, strong, healthy, creative, self-expressive, theatrical, passionate and harmonious. Has a good sense of humour and is honourable in old fashioned sense. He is usually much travelled, fair, kind, and generous. He is an excellent adviser, a risk taker and very often sexually passionate.

Likewise, when we see a Queen, she’s also very well described and her attributes will give you an indication of how she could help or ( if in a reversed aspect) hinder your situation in terms of your question.

Tarot Court Cards
The Queen of Cups, here shown by the beautiful Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, has her own list of lovely (in this case) attributes. When she appears in your reading, you can be sure that she will in some way try to help you.
She is described as thus:
warm, loving, sociable, good-natured, devoted, honest, sympathetic, sociable, artistically gifted, very imaginative and above all – loyal.
She is great at ‘counselling’ people – telling them what to do, but moreover, guiding them along in any situation. She is, to this end, a great listener and is great with children too.  She is usually an ‘adored’ or well liked and respected woman, who is admired for her fairness and honesty . If she is your friend, you are lucky indeed as she is always a great confidante and a warm-hearted and loyal friend.

Always think of these cards as not only your ‘real friends, family, acquaintances or lovers’ ( if the question is love related), but also as your own personal advisors. You can learn much about your own nature too when we read up about these Court cards, and in relation to your given question, can offer insights into your own psyche too.

More later on the Knights and Pages….

*DruidCraft Tarot
* Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

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