Tarot – Court Cards – Knights and Pages

Welcome To My Tarot Blog| In my last blog post I looked at the Kings and Queens and how their appearance in a spread can influence your reading.
Let’s now look at the Knights (in shining armour…or not?).

Tarot Court cards Knights
Here with the Illuminati Tarot deck, we have the dashing Prince (Knight) of Swords.

Swords represent communication, action and strength. You most certainly get that impression when you see this card.
The Knight of Swords is a young man who rushes in to your life like a ‘Knight in shining armour’. When he turns up in a relationship reading, it can indicate that he ‘favours you’ ( an old-fashioned word to describe ‘fancies’) though you may think he is just being ‘charming’, as he is to everyone.

The Knight of Swords is the gallant hero who is both strong and brave…the type who sweeps you off your feet. He is likely to be very popular with the ladies, as many of the Knights are.
Tarot Court Cards Knights
Likewise, when this man ( above ) appears in your reading, you are likely to be in for some exciting times.
Wands are the cards of excitement, energy, flexibility, intuition and adventure. Influence from this man will bring fast paced and enthusiastic involvement. He can sometimes be impatient and impulsive, but he is also passionate and creative.

As a concept, this is the card of movement and can often indicate a house move, a career change or a  desire to get out into the world more.

Tarot Court cards
When looking at the younger members of the family, Pages represent much younger people, often children. These are the cards of the  person who has much to learn, so if a Page presents himself ( or herself) in your reading, dependent on  the suit, it can suggest areas for personal development.

In this case, above, the Page of Wands ( Rods in the Morgan Greer Tarot deck) will be here to bring you a message of personal fulfilment, as Wands represent aspects of self development. More often than not, Pages are also messengers.

Tarot Court cards
Here, the lovely Page of Discs ( Pentacles) is depicted as a baby – so much potential, so much time to make our mark in the world.

Pentacles represent finances and the material world. Here then, we are just starting out in life, and perhaps money may not be that important to us, but learning is. This then is often the card of the student, or the person who has strong desires to better themselves through advanced learning.

If this were to represent a child, it would suggest someone who is patient, practical, methodical and yet, sometimes ‘stubborn’. As a concept it can mean that you or someone around you is not always open to suggestions or new ideas.

All in all, these cards, (although not quite as simplified in their meanings as some others) are here to show you the potential in something – or indeed, in yourself.

Next time, I shall look at pairs of cards together to see the juxtaposition of outside influences in a reading, such as the popular Celtic Cross reading.


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