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Fortune Telling and Tarot |

There are many forms of ‘fortune telling’ or divination and recently I explored the many aspects of such.
I have a special affinity with a certain place in Cornwall – The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, to be exact. I am a member of The Friends of the Museum and attend events and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) yearly.

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Many of the artefacts therein are linked to fortune telling, predicting the future and foretelling your destiny. There are items displayed that show the many forms of divination that have been and can still be used, such as bones (for bone casting), crystal balls, cartomancy, tea cups for reading tea leaves, palmistry items and runes.
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Amongst the many interesting and informative pieces in the Museum, is the Fortune Telling Tarot Machine. This old fairground attraction predicts your ‘fortune’ once you’ve inserted your coin. This is a fun thing often found in the past at fun fairs and the like – but in truth – I wondered if it was actually every bit as good as a one card reading?

Tarot Readings Online A machine randomly generates a card from the 12 Major Arcana in a sort of Wheel of Fortune type of affair and displays it for your delight – or maybe not if you don’t pull a ‘good’ card.

When you look at my Tarot Card of the Day, it too has been randomly generated by a ‘machine’ – a computerised programme, always different and therefore, in principle, the same as the above.

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However, the thing I’m most proud of is that when you choose your cards on my site you do get to choose the ones you want (albeit from the back) but you decide, not a ‘machine’. My Tarot Fan is innovative and unique and I love the fact that you’re interacting with me in this way.
I have not chosen your cards for any reading – you have !

So friends, when considering a tarot reading, think about whether you prefer to be given choices, choices that mark your own Destiny, or do you prefer to have it chosen for you?

I believe – We are all Masters of our own Destiny.



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