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I don’t know about you, but I Iove a good Oracle Card!

I have many in my possession and the collection just  keeps growing. Here’s a new one I took possession of recently entitled ‘The Universe Has Your Back’.

The Universe Has Your BackWritten by Gabrielle Bernstein, who is an American motivational speaker, life coach and author – (and, according to the New York Times …a guru for the next generation), these self help cards tap into our subconscious to manifest our desires and push us forward in a positive spin. The spin is that the universe really does ‘have your back’, especially in times where we feel uncertain, lost and are in need of support.

But what are the real differences between Oracle Cards, Angel Cards or any type of self help oracle cards, and tarot cards?

Oracle Cards seem to have no place in terms of useful tools of divination. As far as I understand, these oracle cards will not ‘predict the future’. Or…could they, I wonder, if you use them as motivational messages which will then push you forward and help you manifest your hopes and desires? A sort of ‘self fulfilling prophecy’.

Tarot Readings Online If we look at tarot card readings, what are they?
Usually they are a tool to assist a querent or yourself, if you read regularly for motivation, or in relation to a ‘problem’ area in your life. This ‘problem’ could be a failed (or failing) love affair, a career issue, relationship concern, or just about anything.

Mostly people who have tarot readings offer up questions like ..’what will be the outcome of this…or will I do this or that’, and this type of closed questioning demands a specific answer – sometimes yes /  or no and most usually ends with the querent coming away with high expectations of what they’ve just been told.

But isn’t your future in many ways in your own hands as well? We are all Masters of our own Fate, I believe, and to that end, the tarot serves simply as a directional pointer for advice or to awaken something you’re perhaps not acknowledging or need to work on.

Tarot Readings Online - Ace of Wands - Deviant Moon Tarot That said, if we look, for example at my Card of The Day, I do profess that this card is one which could (and should) be meditated upon and is definitely a ‘food for thought daily card’. Gabby’s motivational and inspiring cards are indeed beautiful and offer up powerful messages designed to make you think and believe that you can change things…yourself. Positive mental attitude is everything.

But I also believe that tarot is the self same thing.
Lets look for example at today’s card of the day, as I write.

Let’s look at the key words for The Ace of Wands. Here we see concepts such as: action, ideas, beginnings, potential, opportunity, creativity, self-growth, inspiration, enthusiasm and energy. All the Aces represent beginnings, the creative and the ‘birth of something’.

In this case, as Wands correspond to primal energy, self-growth, inspiration, determination, strength, intelligence, intuition, and creativity, they will mostly deal with the spiritual level of consciousness.
Wands mirror what is important to you at the core of your being.

Wands are also about ideas, ambition and expansion, those original thoughts that become the seeds through which life and growth spring forth.

As a meditative or inspirational message, what a terrific card this is. This Ace of Wands is brimming with both the life force of the universe and the earthy, very real potential we all have deep within us which can allow us to manifest our dreams on Earth.

In other words, the concepts, words and phrases the tarot offer, along with the graphic symbolism contained within each card, really can hold an inspirational message for us all.

In the meantime, I return to my own inspirational message from Gabby’s deck and ask you all to consider checking in daily to read my own inspirational Card of The Day.

Peace and Love.

*Tarot Decks pictured are:
Top – Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Middle – Deviant Moon Tarot and Bottom -The Universe Has Your Back

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