Monthly 3 Card Reading – April

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Today, as I looked out of the window and saw the sun (finally) shimmering and dazzling away, my thoughts turned to Spring and with that, how quickly the year seems to be going.

Ostara has passed and our next celebration of The Wheel of The Year – will be Beltane – May Day / May 1st.

I realised that almost a third of the year was gone and I still hadn’t begun some of the things I had hoped to achieve at the start of the year.

I wanted to write more, I wanted to start a local Tarot Workshop, I wanted to develop more things on the site. I wanted to have time to do more Spellcraft, on a personal level.
I wanted, I wanted…but….
I needed a push!

I often read for myself, lots of tarot readers do of course, for Guidance and for greater personal insights, which sometimes are hidden deep in our subconscious.

A monthly 3 Card Reading, is great for this purpose, to keep you focused and on track for the month ahead.

The deck I chose this month is one of my favourites – The Morgan Greer Tarot.

So it appears from the Cups and The Moon in this spread, that I am very much basing how I feel and what I’m doing currently, through my emotions.

The Eight of Cups if upright would normally indicate someone’s desire to ‘get away’, start afresh and if necessary, leave certain things behind in order to forge ahead with new ideas and plans. As it is a reversal, I read this as an indication that I haven’t as yet, managed to walk away from some of the responsibilities I hold and just leave them to start something else.

All very well and good – and as this is in the past position, as I said, I had felt that somehow I was missing the boat here and life and work were getting in the way of me striding off to do anything at all.

Currently I should just follow my gut instincts here, as the Moon is a card of intuition, deep subconscious desires and sometimes, deceit. This deceit, in my case, I feel, is perhaps self deceit or ‘fooling myself ‘ in some way.

I accept that what this actually means for me, is currently I need a reality check – but I should also go with my gut feeling too about what will work ( realistically) and what won’t. The Moon is also, I feel, a great indication that I should be working and functioning more intuitively too, not only when reading clients cards but in my day to day world. In other words, trust in yourself when you have movements of self doubt.

The final card – the Four of Pentacles – reflects my need to not take any unnecessary financial risks this month. I have to very much hold on to what I’ve got (achieved) and plan ahead as opposed to doing anything reckless which could jeopardise my current good position.

I wanted…I wanted… I wanted… my mantra now must be for this month … I plan, I plan, I plan!

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