Tarot Card of The Day – Summer Special

Tarot Card of The Day – Summer Special |
I’m sure, like me, you’re loving this fantastic weather!

Tarot Card of the Day | King of Pentacles
It’s not only prompted me to get outdoors much more, it made me think about my Tarot Card of The Day postings on social media.

I usually set up my tarot card of the day inside on a table or other set up space, with some props, crystals, runes or other magical tools that I incorporate into my readings.

But because it’s been so nice outside, I thought Id try a different tack.Tarot Card of the Day | Wildwood Tarot
I’m now posting outside as much as possible, using ‘natural surroundings’, trees, shrubs, flowers, anything really but as long as its outdoors.

Tarot Card Of The Day |Ten of Vessels - Cups - Wildwood Tarot
Some of my posts in June were from my holiday in Bali ( a magical place I return to year after year) which holds a special place in my heart…but more on that in the next post.

In the meantime, I do hope you’ve enjoyed my slightly different slant on your Tarot Card Of The Day.

Keep watching on social media if you can. Links are on home page for those who haven’t yet followed me.

Enjoy the sunshine and happy weekend all.

Tarot Decks Used Are:

Tarot of the Cat People and The Wildwood Tarot

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