New Year’s Resolutions and The Tarot

New Year’s Resolutions and The Tarot|

A most joyous and Happy New Year to one and all.
I sincerely hope you enjoyed the festive season and are feeling not too overcome with the food and the drink and general merry making.

Tarot Readings Online | Death Card        Tarot Readings Online | Death Card
It’s good to let off steam once in a while – I’ve personally had far too much cake and chocolate and way too many glasses of fizz and Gin! But afterwards, we tend to beat ourselves up over how good a time we’ve had by making New Year’s Resolutions to ‘change’ in some way.

This can be inner change  – as in –  I’m not going to do this or that or behave in a certain way, or, more often than not, it’s all to do with outward / physical changes – I’m dieting / I’m doing Dry January / I’m going Vegan for January and so on.

Some of my friends on social media have railed against this and said oh no, not someone else making silly New Year Resolutions!

 Tarot Readings Online | Death Card - Ravens Prophecy Tarot      Tarot Readings Online | Death Card - Mary El Tarot

Despite this, I’m all for change. Change is good and in that respect, we should look at The card of Death here for some inspiration.

The Death card’s key word and phrases are:

Transformation, change, re-birth, new possibilities.

Key phrases – You need to profoundly transform yourself or a situation. If you cannot change the situation, you must be willing to let it go. What has outlived its time must pass away to make way for new growth. Death of the ‘old’ – birth of the ‘new’.

Whenever we see this card it is not to be feared, but embraced, as it teaches us to let go of outworn and outgrown ways of life and move forward.
Death is a clearing away of the old to make ready for the new. Each moment of our lives, one part of it dies to the present – so that the future can unfold.

Tarot Readings Online | Tarot Card ReaderAs we work our way through this New Year, let’s all embrace the Changes we could / should make.

If you feel this is the time of Change for you and you’re unsure as to how events may unfold over this coming year, don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions on obtaining an enlightening reading to guide you  through the rest of the year.

Happy New 2019 and Blessed Be.

Adele / Morianna

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NB: Photo Copyright to Lewis Membery

Cards Used – Ravens Prophecy Tarot, Mary El Tarot

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