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Adele – Tarot Reader and Founder of Tarot Readings Online

Tarot Readings Online | Tarot Card Reader I was born in the Fifties in the North West of England, under the star sign of Taurus. My Moon is in Cancer. My father was a Spiritualist as was his mother, so I guess my interest in all things spiritual came from them.

I watched with fascination as my grandmother did her tarot readings and soon I began to want to do the same sort of thing. I had a very interesting childhood – my parents moved a lot with their work and I was lucky enough to travel some of the world from a very young age.

Travel and the desire to embrace new cultures, later became a passion of mine and it led to me developing my ‘skill’ for interpreting the Tarot.

In my early twenty’s I had some enlightening experiences. The night my grandmother died unexpectedly, I was filled with a sense of urgency to go to her house. I arrived just as she died and I have never forgotten the strange feeling I had, that told me that ‘something was wrong’. I soon realised that I could sense and see those ‘other worldly’ ones we call spirits or ghosts – in fact I have lived in a very old 15th century haunted manor house and enjoyed every experience that went on there, something which some people may find strange, but I relish.

Later, I began to have OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), though at the time I did not realise what was happening to me. Now with careful meditation techniques I can control these sometimes unnerving experiences. All the while, I devoured every book I could lay my hands on concerning the ‘strange’, the mystical, the magical and the esoteric. I was a sponge and I soaked up everything in my path. By the time I began to travel the world again (this time with the job I had) I knew what I had to do…

Tarot Readings Online | Tarot Card Reader Some dear friend bought me my first set of Tarot cards and away I went. That was more than 30 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history. I have lived briefly in many parts of the Far East – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and have literally ‘travelled the world’ stopping off in such places that are filled with mystery and wonder – Africa, Egypt, India, Bali, as if on some sort of quest to find out as much as I could about the mysteries of life, death and all manner of different peoples’ beliefs.

All through my travels I read many hundreds of people’s Tarot cards (some rich, some poor, some famous) and I was constantly amazed at the number of times that people said my readings were ‘spot on’. Even those who, at first said, “No way…that will never happen…!” returned later to tell me…”I can’t believe it – but you were right!”

Tarot Readings Online | Tarot Card Reader
I now live happily, in a lovely cottage in the woods in the beautiful Cotswolds, with my ever suffering ‘bloke’, my ‘Familiar’ (cat) and a host of rural wildlife surrounding me. Every day I count my blessings, as much as it is a cliché. I have never stopped reading the tarot since I began all those years ago. As family commitments demanded, I did less and less face to face readings but have discovered this wonderful tool – the internet – which allows me to continue to do what I love best.

I have had a great many experiences (too numerous to recount here), which have led me to believe that we are never alone. There is some Great Power ‘out there’ or ‘in there’ (looking inside yourself is the greatest way to achieve some level of enlightenment) and I know for sure that at times in our lives when we most need help or guidance we all have someone (if not more than one ‘someone’) who watches over us and can really help.

In the year 2000, I went live with Tarot Readings Online and I haven’t looked back since.

The Tarot, I believe, is a ‘gateway’ – an opening to that Great Power (whatever you conceive that to be) and through which we can all receive guidance in our lives, even if it is self-guidance or self-realisation. As a tarot reader, all I do is make myself receptive to this wonderful power and interpret what has been laid before me.

We are all capable of some level of receptiveness – all we need is an open mind, an open heart and the ability to believe in something that sometimes we just cannot explain…are you ready to believe…?


If you have any questions please email me at: adele@tarotreadingsonline.co.uk

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