Tarot Card of the Day

There are many ways in which to utilise the Tarot Card of The Day.

Firstly, Tarot users and readers may simply pull a card a day to contemplate its meaning. In other words, you can examine its graphics and symbolism and ponder over it.

Look up what different authors / readers may have to say about it, then consider ways in which this card could be relevant to you, today or in the near future and use its energies in a positive and enlightening way. It may offer a quick fix answer to a question or goal in mind and in this respect can help focus in on what’s needed to bring about a positive result for you.

Another use of the Card of The Day is to deeply meditate on the card you have dealt in order to perhaps offer a more spiritual lesson that needs to be assimilated or learnt.

The best way to achieve this level of receptiveness is to find a calm, quiet place, perhaps light a candle or use some incense to set the mood. Then, breathe slowly and deeply as you relax into the moment. As you hold the card and its image and symbols  in your mind, feel yourself drifting further into a deeper level of consciousness, allowing these images and impressions to flow into your mind.

If nothing immediately reveals itself to you, don’t worry, your subconscious is a marvellous ‘tool’ and meaningful revelations may pop up in the future or even find their way into your dreams to reveal the hidden Arcana or secrets of the Tarot.

Here is today’s Tarot Card of The Day: